AcademicBench is a global organization that brings together educators, researchers, academic experts, academic decision makers, industry experts and social networkers across the globe.
It is a social platform exclusively for academic sector for subject matter enhancement, cross-subject collaboration, ideas enhancement, knowledge development and industry academic collaboration. AcademicBench provides education, content, knowledge, collaboration, and program development that improves higher education. The academician’s consortium cultivates a global leadership and social innovation to develop and share the knowledge needed by the world. Our vision to build an extensive academic social networking with all critical features including research papers, citations, collaborations and research groups.
It is an open network for academicians who allow them to express their views, knowledge and resources known to academic world through posting profile and resources. We are prepared to start the service and to make this a reality one through international university-industry partnership. It enables academic institutions across the globe to create meaningful resources with peers throughout the world.
  • Creates a high profile community
  • Gives an opportunity to meet renowned academicians
  • Knowledge exchange with community
  • Faculty skill development
  • Accredited learning opportunities linked to the specific needs of your sector
  • Innovative and creative learning opportunities
  • Recruitment of faculties for institutions
  • Distributed authoring and versioning
  • The chance to collaborate and exchange ideas with other people from all sectors
To participate in Tekbos academic initiatives, write to us at or fill-up the form with your contact details. We will contact you within two business days with additional details.