• Tekbos provides education technology services to school education, higher education, corporate education as well as the E-Learning marketplace. Our client spectrum ranges for schools, colleges, universities, higher education institutions and to large corporations with multiple diverse needs. Delivering cost effective solution coupled with a high level of security and reliable services to the clients as an effective managed application service. We provide learning solutions with content services that conform to SCORM, AICC, IMS, and W3C, the eLearning industry's best practices standards.

    Our services include learning content development, content delivery, assessments, virtual classroom and consulting services.


  • Our experience of working with governments across the world gives us an ability to build value-added solutions with a perfect blend of management and the technological know-how. Our e-governance solutions promote efficiency, transparency, scalability and policy effectiveness which are enabling smart governance in areas of educational sector. Our perpetual and subscription licensing models offer competitive, affordable enterprise solutions for almost every budget. Our initiatives to help government agencies to offer anytime, anywhere services to their citizens, improve delivery efficiency, save costs, reduce wastage and expand their revenue base.

    We offer e-governance, knowledge management, IT infrastructure management, information security management, data migration and business risk management.


  • The need of establishing an ecosystem is the next generation educational technology service framework to provide optimized resources, dealing with dynamic demands on getting information and knowledge anywhere and anytime, handling rapid storage growth requirements, cost controlling and greater flexibility.

    Tekbos provides various academic services to the institutions in cloud environment which includes e-governance, content delivery, universal question bank, question paper generation e-delivery, online examinations, e-valuation, certificate publication, student performance analysis and recruitment. Our service spectrum covers institutional e-governance, academic services, learner & learning services, resource planning, examination services, student services and job services.

Digital Publishing

  • Our digital publishing service, which is specialized for academic industry for courseware authoring, supply chain, validation, digitization, question bank management, journals management, and SME collaborations. It will work as digital warehouse and knowledge repository to the entire institutions and gives you the advantages of flexibility and scalability of operations in content management.

    Our service designed in the integrated nature of the publishing supply chain which includes author management, distributed authoring, course management, content editorial, digital book production, subscription management, academic adoptions, distributions and learners collaboration.