Geds -Global Education Delivery System is a next generation Learning Management System (LMS) with Learning Content Management System (LCMS) that enables you to create, manage and deliver highly effective learning programs. Geds is a complete, secure, synchronized, web-based learning management system which provides the perfect combination of scalability and powerful features for distributing online learning. Tekbos provides a complete distributed learning management solution with consulting services to integrate learning technology, audience, learning objectives, and content in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Geds is on-demand learning management service easy to use, SCORM compliant, fully scalable and available anytime; anywhere you can access a web browser and desktop application.

ELearning is changing. And, we will see new models, new technologies and designs emerge. So, let’s drop the “e” – or at least give it a new and wider definition.

by Elliot Masie


Integrated e-governance framework for the execution of academic and administrative activities.
Course Management
The system has a course management framework with version control feature. The course can be designed with learning path and evaluation parameters.
Rich content
Content has always been the foundation of the E-learning ecosystem, content developed by the combination of audio, video, flash, image, music, etc.
Multilevel knowledge assessment setup – course level, chapter level and page level assessments. An integrated analytical system to provide structured data analysis.
Question Bank
A question bank is maintained to conduct effective assessment process with different types and severity of questions.
Learners performance monitoring is done by dashboard facility. The dashboard will show various parameters including deviations.