Content Management

Tekbos serve educational institutions and publishers of content with a single SaaS solution that provides all of the software, hardware and administrative services needed to drive the growth of effective technology driven educational content development and management services. Our E-Learning division has all capabilities to develop all kinds of digital content based on AICC/SCORM standards using various technologies. Tekbos provides a comprehensive technology-enabled learning solution for distance education integrated content management with a unique learning methodology and modular course management tools. With an in house a combination of local and offshore talented content development team, Tekbos also offers a range of digital and multimedia content development services that can take any traditional content and turn it into digital experience.

Domain Focus

We have developed interactive e- learning materials for a wide spectrum of clients from various domains worldwide:

  • Higher Education
  • Distance Education
  • Banking & Financial Sectors
  • Corporate
  • Best of breed multimedia technology

  • Interactive, engaging and high quality e-content

  • Web service architecture and development

  • Sound instructional design principles and pedagogy

  • Visualization and Virtual Experience Technology

  • 3D Modeling / Thin 3D / Web 3D Techniques

  • Faster turnaround, cost-effective and efficient development model