Research Process Outsourcing

Tekbos is involved in the development of innovative products and unique software services through high level research initiatives with unique expertise and collaboration with our R&D partners. We are focusing on strong R&D process which enables us to deliver solutions that solve real problems and provide real value. We are continually doing ongoing investment in R&D to develop innovative solutions in the domain of education technology and knowledge management. Tekbos's domain-specific end-to-end R&D services are designed to help organizations meet their engineering needs. We have extensive Research Process Outsourcing (RPO) model provides innovative information technology services and consulting to commercial, government and non-profit clients globally. Tekbos offers customer-focused world-class R&D services to meet your specific needs and challenges. Our comprehensive skills mean that we are a one-stop shop to streamline your product lifecycle and ensure success. We offer flexible and secure solutions that are focused on adding value and performance, with the ability for quick and easy ramp up. Tekbos have a dedicated R&D team, responsible for researching the latest technologies, testing and sharing the knowledge with the stakeholders. Our ability to provide you with high quality products and extremely professional services in the shortest possible time is the result of diversification of our business activity.

Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.

– Albert Szent
  • Complex Analytics

  • Automated data quality systems

  • Web service architecture and development

  • Cloud based Grid computing infrastructure development

  • Data and Application Security management

  • Data migration

  • System Integration and IT infrastructure management

  • Device application & component development