Software Engineering Service

Tekbos is a leading provider of software engineering services for fully integrated enterprise management solutions, services for educational domain and other process-intensive industries. We are able to integrate elements of enterprise architecture, business process modeling and software requirements analysis into an integrated process to streamline the development of complex IT systems. We conduct joint sessions with clients to collaboratively define, analyze, validate and refine business objectives, process models and software architectures. We are specialized into agile methodology for software development with greater control over the development process, additional flexibility and higher quality software Tekbos systematic and professional approach to engineering, streamlined processes and tools and strict adherence to project milestones ensure that you reap the benefits such as lower project costs, reduced engineering risks and shorter time to revenue or measurable business value.
  • Expertise areas
  • Business Process Engineering (BPE)
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Software Security
  • Requirements Analysis

    Create a comprehensive requirements specification for your software solution or product.

  • Software Architecting

    Create a suitable architecture for your software application or product.

  • Software Development

    Design in detail your software application or product.

  • Software Testing

    Verify that your software application or product functions as specified.

  • Component Engineering

    Create a reusable software component library for reusability.

  • Technical Writing

    Create manuals and guides for your software application or product.