Distance Learning Management

Many universities are challenged to provide greater access to educational opportunities in a greater scope in terms of geographical location, language and cultural changes. Distance education continues to expand because of the growth of the Internet, increased capability and flexibility of web-based tools, increased proficiency in basic Internet skills, and shrinking barriers with respect to accessing and using the Internet. Tekbos offer innovative solution in the distance education management and delivery in a high quality learning environment that improves the performance of the distance learners. Tekbos provides interactive distance learning solution along with integrated e-governance to the universities to manage the virtual campuses across the world. It is a collaborative learning management system to track and evaluate the distance learners in a distributed environment. The system is suitable and flexible for customization to suit the needs of various universities, including open universities across the globe.

Course Management

Study Center Management

Faculty Management

Admission Management

Student Management

Fee Management

Examination Management

Result and Award Management

Communication Management

Workflow Automation

Content Authoring

Author Management

Question Bank Management

Learning Content Management

Learning Management

Assessment Management

Academic-Industry Collaboration

Audio-Video Lecture

Virtual Classroom

Social Networking

Ability to make use of the system by the teachers or the instructor is vital to implement innovation or a new technology.



SCORM compliant

Distributed authoring

Learning history

Course evaluation

Student learning path

Discussion forum