Enterprise Application Integration

Tekbos provides Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) services for integrating incompatible and distributed systems - making it faster and easier to tie together applications and web services. An EAI enabled solution integration transform the business operations and management by integrating processes and technology. EAI makes information to be shared and exchanged between disparate systems within the enterprise. EAI is effective for integrated e-governance services by moving away from stand-alone applications toward more comprehensive, integrated architectures. Our approaches towards application integration in education sector, particularly for university e-governance by enabling integration among individual systems to comprehensive service and improved business processes through system level integration of data and services by wrapper solutions. Particularly education sector activities need to be tuned for support information sharing and integration of service processes. Our EAI services streamline the existing IT operations and identifying the new scope of improvement and integration of services for maximizing revenue opportunities and providing competitive advantage. Our EAI integration architectures are based on Service Oriented Architecture encompasses approaches, methodologies, frameworks and architectures that are used for integrating various enterprise wide applications to achieve A2A and B2B integration. Tekbos offshore enterprise application integration services involve data-level, application interface-level, service level, method-level, infrastructure level and user interface-level. It requires technology integration, web service design, portal design, data warehouse, infrastructure up gradation, portal, wireless integration and user interface design services. Outsourced enterprise application integration focuses on sharing both business data and business process for application integration. Our business domain knowledge and rich experience in education and enterprise e-governance business areas has an edge over the handling of the various offshore enterprise application integration challenges.
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We are committed to providing clients with state-of-the-art EAI services by integrating technology, innovation and strategy with their business processes.

The EAI solution provides a standard platform for enabling system-to-system integration using web services and message queues.

A powerful EAI implementation improves productivity by reducing the information redundancy and increasing information sharing.

An EAI capability enables the organization to participate in the e - marketplace for global exchanges to fulfill its business objectives.

EAI creates highly effective systems by integrating the existing legacy and packaged applications to maximize the information system utilization.

EAI reduces the complexity of IT infrastructure and dramatically improves its reliability, flexibility and scalability.