Education Cloud Solution

Tekbos provides a new IT service delivery model for the education sector to provide end-to-end services for school education and higher education. It reduces enterprise IT costs & complexities while improving workload optimization and service delivery. It is a cloud computing technology, which provides massively scalable, private and public cloud with lots of tailor-made application services meant for schools, colleges and universities. Tekbos' cloud computing services includes software tools, IT infrastructures, connectivity solutions, IT service management, data migration services and industry best practices and standards which give better computing facility to education institutions. The platform can be integrated into institution premises through the local network and internet connection for off-premises access, or a combination of both, depending on the organization’s needs.

Content Authoring

Examination Management

Question Bank Management

Valuation Management

Result Management


Learning Management

Content Management

Knowledge management

Communication Management

Key Benifits

Some of the benefits that cloud computing brings are as follows:

Reduced Cost

Cost is a clear benefit of cloud computing, both in terms of CapEx and OpEx.


Flexibility benefits derive from rapid provisioning of new capacity


Data and services are available anywhere, anytime.

Improved Automation

Provide a highly automated which offers efficiencies.


Eliminates all hassles associated with waiting in long hours for processes.


Provides secured web services for authentication and role based access.